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Maintenance and Spare Parts

Of course, we support you in keeping your present acoustic cleaning systems in good condition - whereever bought. Readily, we’ll give you a quote for all work to do as well as for any spare parts required. If your system isn’t completely adequate to ours, we’ll try to find alternative solutions.

Costum-built Production

For customer specific requirements you can be sure, your project is in good hands! We give you an example: pitting corrosion caused by a temperature below dew point. Here, a special coating was necessary, that we were able to offer to the customer immediately. For years, Hartge Schallreinigung cooperates with experienced companies having unique know-how in their segment.

Sound absorbers

We consult you and put you in touch with expert business partners related to measures for noise insulation.

Thermal Measurements

Applying a high-quality thermal imaging camera, insufficient thermal insulation can be easily detected. We support you to identify these hidden defects by using this technical device.