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    Installation of the acoustic cleaner in flue gas direction above each bundle.
    The sound cleaners take over 100% of the cleaning of the ECO.
    With a lot of ash load (for example: waste paper sludge incineration) the sound cleaning supports the existing cleaning procedures.
    Easy installation! All you need is a 300 mm opening in the eco-wall. The amortization is less than 2 years.
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    Thermal power plants, chemical and food industry, anyone who has to filter something ...
    Deposits in the funnel and hopper should be prevented. The hopper stays clean. Sound helps to clean the hoses. The jet pulse can be reduced between 30% and 70%. The service life of the hoses is extended accordingly. Fast amortization.
    Install an acoustic cleaner at the top of the funnel, keeping the hoses.
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    Thermal power plants and all who need to filter something.
    Deposits in the hopper and bridging should be prevented. Rappers are supported or replaced.
    • Hopper: Installation of an acoustic cleaner at the top
    • Plates: Installed on the funnel and on the roof of the E-filters
    • Baffles: installation at inlet E-filter in front of the hole / baffle
    The sound cleaners take over the cleaning of the hopper of the plates and the perforated plate.
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    All plants with low-cat or high-cat.
    The commonly installed sootblowers usually do not reach all points, so that enforce parts of the catalyst.
    Installation of acoustic cleaner above each level, which is equipped with catalysts.
    The sound cleaners take over 100% of the cleaning of the catalyst
    Due to the relatively low temperatures, the cleaning performance of the horns is about 10 meters. If you load from two sides, even very large systems can be cleaned. (20m x 20m).
    The cleaning of Katy layers with sound is today the state of the art!
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    All thermal power plants with ash-containing flue gas
    At very low melting points of the ash, such as in the combustion of waste wood, the superheater sets are very fast. Often this does not achieve the desired travel time. Installation of acoustic cleaner before each bundle. The sound cleaners support the standard cleaning process. Installation in manhole or a bend. The goal is to extend the travel time. By reducing the service life results in a very fast amortization.
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    Chemistry, waste incineration, biomass power plants, paper mills, coal-fired power plants
    1. Silo cleaning
    2. Destruction of bridges
    For silo cleaning, a sound cleaner is installed on top of the roof. Deposits on the silo walls are solved. In some cases, this position also works in bridging.
    To destroy bridges, the sound cleaner is attached to the bottom of the funnel
    With little effort, the purpose is fulfilled. On the roof is sufficient a 300 mm opening. The funnel requires a flange construction
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    Installation of the sound cleaner on the vacuum side. The scoop remain without covering. As a result, no caking ends can break loose and thus cause the fan to vibrate.
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