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Since 16 years Hartge stands for professional support in relation to all aspects of acoustic cleaning: From detailed analysis via our consulting service through to professional realization. In doing so, we associate precise handcraft with state-of-the-art techniques and fulfill the highest quality demands.

Caused by acoustic sound waves small parts of ashes and dusts will be put in vibration or kept in motion. Thus, claggy deposits will be prevented. For newly erected plants you better speak of ‚keeping clean‘ the system.
As acoustic sound waves expand spherically, they can reach even the rear side of complex structures by reflection.

Acoustic cleaners were applied in the following branches: Biomass, pit-coal and lignite power plants Paper industry, chemical industry, food production, etc.
These plant sections are favored:
Economizer, air preheater, silo, hopper, filter systems, DeNO x (SCR), superheater

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